Learn English Easily with Chunking Method

Chunking is a very effective way to learn complex concepts, and learning a new language is definitely one of them.
Chunks are small bits of information, which can be combined into more advanced structures.
When you learn a language try to build up a mental library full of small chunks, in this case - phrases, collocations, sentences, that you can access any time you need.  

Learn about chunking methd
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Remember that your short-term memory processes about 4-7 pieces of information (chunks) at one time, so learning regularly a few chunks a day is much more effective, rather than memorising a huge amount of material in a short time.  Learn more about how chunking improves learning.
Below you will find some useful chunks to boost your English skills, but do not try to remember everything immediately.
The aim of the chunking method is to learn a few chunks at a time and only when you know them perfectly you move on to new ones. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed and again you will not see any significant progress.

You can subscribe or book an English lesson with a private teacher to get chunks, mind maps, flashcards and infographic every week and learn English effectively.


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