Become a Skilled Communicator

Effective communication skills are a necessary tool for making our lives easier and can contribute to achieving success in both business and private relationships.

In this course you will improve your English communication skills and learn how to:

- speaking, listening, writing effectively

- communicate clearly, without confusion 

- to be more engaging speaker and listen actively

- stay cool under pressure

- be assertive

- building relationship with individuals and teams

-  make a small talk

- giving and getting feedback

- to deal with people confidently

- use Neuro-Linguistic Programming

- presentation skills

- negotiation skills

- communicate in writing

- and more...

This training is most suitable for everybody who wants to communicate effectively on a regular basis, as the skills and lessons can be instantly and easily applied.

The training includes practical exercises, all necessary materials and a workbook for further practice at home.

Insensitivity,  time and topics are flexible and will be tailored to personal needs.