After finishing the beginner level it is time to dive into more complex grammar structures. another book of the best-selling English grammar books is waiting for you. Before you buy any other book, make sure you have learnt the topics presented in English Grammar in Use for intermediate learners. It is perfect for self-study thanks to numerous clear grammar explanations and exercises as well as recordings included in the e-Book.


This position is ideal for those students who want to practice conversational and writing skills while practising English grammar. It is a student-friendly book with clear and simple examples used in everyday situations. Good value for money!


Oxford Living Grammar is the best English book to practice grammar in everyday contexts. It is well organised and includes unique Grammar in action section and also Word focus boxes that help to learn new vocabulary. What makes this grammar book exceptional is that it goes with CD-ROM where learners can record and listen to their own voice and also build longer texts and dialogues.

At intermediate level learners study the grammar necessary for FCE exam. Units can be studied in any order. Practising grammar in the contexts that are in typical everyday situations is in its favour.








FCE Use of English is not only a perfect grammar book for students preparing for the exam but also for learners who want to organise and polish grammar knowledge they have got to know so far. It contains different grammar exercises, introduces and explains phrasal verbs, idioms, prepositions, collocations and word formations. Ideal for intermediate or upper-intermediate students.
***Great list of prepositions and phrases, word formation, spelling rules and pronunciation.


Before you enter the higher level of English grammar check your knowledge with these supplementary exercises. It can be the revision of the material you have already learnt or a further practice to get fluent with English grammar on intermediate level. 

***Extra activities are also available as a mobile app for smartphones and tablet devices.

The Best English Grammar Books

for INTERMEDIATE students


Remember that even the best English teachers and speakers do not have all the answers.


That is why you should have in your library a good reference grammar book, which you may use at any time to answer your questions or just as a tool to continuously brush up your grammar skills.


English self-study will definitely be easier with one of these books recommended by English teachers and students all over the world.


Choose one that really works for you!

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