The best English Books to learn English

for German-speaking students.


Reading in any language improves your linguistic skills, broadens your mind and foremost is just fun, especially when you read an engaging and thrilling book which you can’t put down because it is so exciting that you must know what happens next.


English Short Crime Stories (Compact Lernkrimi Kurzkrimis A2) for English Learners have been written especially for students at pre- and intermediate level.



In each story you will find plenty of words and expressions in real, spoken English, so you will learn phrases that native speakers use. On top of that, you DO NOT NEED need a dictionary, as on each page there is a vocabulary box with translation – just keep reading and enjoy the stories.


For ambitious English students, the crime stories contain many vocabulary and grammar exercises, crosswords, translations and summaries of each chapter, so that it is almost impossible not to learn while reading those exciting stories.


The books have been tested by students and teachers who searched for the best English books that teach readers how to express emotion and ideas or tell a story in English. You can also use the short crime stories (Kurzkrimis) to find examples of asking and answering questions naturally.


Even if you speak English at a satisfying level, there is always more you can learn. The stories are clear, entertaining and easy to understand - at the same time they introduce students to new words and various phrases in the context of a story, so readers can discover synonyms of the words they already know.


Do not hesitate, grab a copy now and improve your English!


Sofort, schnell und spannend Englisch lernen durch lesen.

Compact Lernkrimi Hörbücher sind die ideale Kombination aus spannungsgeladenem Krimi-Hörgenuss und effektivem Sprachtraining.Die Geschichte zum Mitlesen sowie zahlreiche textbezogene Übungen mit Lösungsteil und Glossar sind im Buch enthalten.

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

–P.J. O’Rourke



A proven way to boost your vocabulary, get more familiar with grammar and gain more fluency while speaking a second language is to READ, READ and READ!