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30 Binomial English Expressions - Speak like a Native

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

A binomial pair is an expression containing two words which are joined by a conjunction (usually “and” or “or”). The word order of a binomial pair is usually fixed. Below is the list of most common binomial in English you should learn.

Common Binomials Expressions in English

1. Bits and pieces - small individual things

2. By and large - generally

3. Give or take - approximately

4. Hustle and bustle -a lot of noisy activity

5. Null and Void - with no legal effect

6. On and off - sometimes but not regularly

7. Part and parcel - to be an aspect of something that has to be accepted

8. High and dry - to let sb down

9. Pros and cons - the positive and negative aspects

10. Safe and sound - free from danger or injury

11. Short and sweet - efficiently brief in duration

12. Neat and tidy - clean and tidy

13. Sick and tired - fed up

14. Back and forth - going from one place or position to another and back again.

15. Far and wide - nearly everywhere

16. Skin and bones - very thin

17.Odds and ends - small things that are all different and not valuable or important

18. Willy-nilly - it happens whether you want it to or not

19. Tit for tats - revenge

20. Short and sweet - brief and fast

21. Prime and Proper - having very traditional, morally conservative beliefs and behavior

22. Wear and tear - the changes or damage happened when sth has been used

23. Ups and downs - highs and lows.

24. Little by little - step by step

25. Spick and span - very clean; “like new”.

26. Nuts and bolts - the basic details of a job or activity

27. Ins and outs - all the details or facts

28. Do’s and don’ts - what you should and should not do in a particular situation

29. Live and learn - learn from the experiences that life gives us

30. Leaps and bounds - Very large degrees of or rapid progress forward

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