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Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Test your vocabulary knowledge about food and drinks.

Pictures help you remember the phrases fast and easily.


fizzy drink - a sweet drink without alcohol that has bubbles

pick at food - to eat only small amounts of a meal because you do not feel hungry

on the house - given to you free in a restaurant, hotel, pub, or club

famished - very hungry; ravenous

canned food - food preserved in a metal container e.g. canned beans


squeezed- pressed

bubbly - full of bubbles

fuzzy - not clear, you cant see detains e.g. a fuzzy picture

off-colour - feeling slightly ill

to grab sth - to take hold of something roughly; catch, seize

complimentary - given to you for free, e.g. a complimentary bottle of champagne

raw food - raw food has not been cooked

frozen food - food preserved by being made extremely cold


gradable and non-gradable adjectives

I'm absolutely starving.

I'm absolutely famished.


I'm very hungry.

You can say:

with gradable adjectives (which can be made stronger or weaker):

very tasty food

extremely tasty food

terribly tasty food

pretty tasty food

quite tasty food

fairly tasty food

slightly tasty food

a bit tasty food

with non-gradable adjectives

(which CANNOT be made stronger or weaker, as they have extreme meaning):

very delicious food

absolutely delicious food

completely delicious food

utterly delicious food

totally delicious food

practically tasteless food

almost tasteless food

nearly tasteless food

In a very informal language,

with both gradable and non-gradable adjectives:

The ride was dead scary. (UK) (dead=very)

Scrambled eggs are dead easy to prepare. (UK)

The car was real expensive. (US)

My head hurts real bad. (US)

It's really tasty meal.

It's really delicious meal.

For more information on gradable and non-gradable adjectives check in a grammar reference book of your choice or book a private online lesson to get the explanation from professionals.

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