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Learn a language fast and efficient with the chunking technique.

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Chunks are small pieces of information, that are joined together to create and understand more complex concepts.

The average person can only handle between four and seven pieces of information in a short-term memory, at a time.

That’s why when you cut large bits of information into smaller pieces it is easier to understand a complex concept and when you put the pieces together you will see the big picture and remember that ideas easily.

You can use chunks while learning various concepts. It is used widely in sports, music, dance, learning languages - anything that you want to get good at.

How to use chunks to learn a language?

The goal is to put the basic words and patterns together, so you can speak as freely and creatively like in your native language.

When children learn a new language, they repeat every word and phrase they hear, and learning a language is for them as natural as breathing.

When you actively repeat the information, the neural connections are built, and those pieces of information are transferred from your short-term memory to the long-term memory.

It is helpful to add context to what you learn as it will move the information to the long-term memory faster. Without context, words have no meaning.

Additionally, avoiding distractions will allow the smooth transfer and making meaningful connections.

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Structure your learning

Avoid making a basic mistake and do not jump into deep water.

That may only confuse you and block your progress.

If you do not want to sink, do not waste your time and do not learn randomly.

You must first know the basic chunks to create an advanced sentence.

Instead of spending hours on reading post on social media, watching videos or testing new language-learning apps, focus on creating a mental library.

Strong basis will help you to improve gradually and confidently.

Grab the chunks from your mental library and combine them into full sentences, naturally like children.

The bottom line:

- chunks are small pieces of information, that are joined together to create and understand more complex concepts

-practice and repetition allow you to strengthen and deepen your chunked neuron patterns

-chunking helps your brain run more efficiently

- the more you practice your chunked mental library, the more easily you'll be able to access it without mental effort

-context helps us make logical connections as well as learn faster and more efficiently.

-minimise short-term memory limitations by avoiding distractions

Examples of chunks to learn English:


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