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Winter is coming

English Vocabulary, Phrases and Idioms connected with winter.

Learn English Visually - Winter Expressions

Not a snowball's chance in hell!

-impossible and improbable

When hell freezes over!

-it will never happen

You're walking on thin ice.

- to be doing something very risky or dangerous

I'm as pure as driven snow.

-to be morally completely good

Jack frost is nipping at my nose.

- I feel a biting cold on my face.

Don't be such a snowflake!

- a very sensitive person who is easily hurt or offended by actions of others

English Snow Collocations

a snow bunny

- a person who learns skiing

a snow day

-a day when schools and businesses are shut because there is too much snow for people to travel

snow chains

- chains that you fit over the tyres on a car so that you can drive safely over snow

a snow devil

- column of fine snow blown upward from a surface by the wind

a snow globe

- a small glass domed object containing a model of a scene and filled with liquid with white particles in it that when shaken look like snow falling on the scene

a snow job- a lie that you tell in order to persuade someone to do or to believe something

a snow angel

- a pattern made in snow which is created by someone lying down with his or her arms open and sweeping the arms and legs in a semi-circle.

Snow White

- a girl in a children’s fairy tale who is poisoned when she eats an apple but is made well again when a prince kisses her

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