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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

World Cup 2018 - the most important English vocabulary for football fans.

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Football Vocabulary list:

Chat about the game:

Have a sweet left foot. - to be very skilled at kicking and scoring with left foot Pull off an amazing save. - to save a ball that was expected to be a goal We were robbed! - when you believe the game was unfair Back of the net! - to score a goal He's got a lot of pace! - to be a very fast player The goalkeeper made a howler. - to make a very basic mistake Bang it in the mixer! - to play a long ball into the penalty area It hit the woodwork. - to hit the crossbar or the post of the goal They got sucked in. - to play hard

People Refeere Assistant referee Players Attacker Defender Goalkeeper Striker - a player who shoots the goals Substitute - a player who replaces another one Skipper = capitan Midfielder Spectators Fans Underdog - the team people think is going to lose

Kicks Free kick Corner Penalty kick Spot kick Bicycle kick - when a player kicks the ball backwards over his head Scissor kick Clearance a defensive kick to put the ball out of danger

Results Draw - when the final score is the same: 2-2 Equalizer - when the score becomes the same: 1-1 defeat - to lose knock out - to beat = win

Verbs tackle - to try to take the ball from an opponent lead keep possession commit a foul send off a player toss a coin

Goal concede - to let the goal in to shoot a goal to score a goal to score own goal

Pitch Penalty box Touchline Goal-line Centre circle 6 yard box 18 yard box Penalty spot Goal

Nouns Offsides - not allowed position Penalty shootout - determining a winner in extra thirty minutes time Booking - to be given a yellow card

Ball to head the ball to kick the ball to pass the ball to shoot the ball to boot the ball = to kick to back-heel the ball Dead ball

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