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Free Bilingual Books - Great way to learn English!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

It will forever change the way you learn English or any other language.

Reading bilingual books will help you to get a fluency in English or a second language that you want to learn.

For example, you can learn German from English or English from German or French into English or any other way you want!

Language does not matter!

The more important point is, that you will be finally exposed to a real-language that is used by native speakers. Reading books is an amazing way to enrich your vocabulary and when you use bilingual ones it is a child's play.

Additionally, it is more pleasurable and entertaining than memorising endless lists of vocabulary. You will not feel that you are putting much effort in learning.

Simply grab a book you like, maybe even the one you have already read in your mother tongue, and enjoy!

The awesome thing is, that whenever you feel lost or don’t know an important word you just check it in your native language.

That way you will avoid a word-to-word translation and finally start learning naturally.

German-English, Spanish-English, Italian-English, French-English, Polish-English Bilingual Books and more.

Regardless of the language you speak numerous bilingual books are available online and even for FREE!!!

Do not miss that chance! Find your favourite title and boost learning English with the amazing bilingual books online!


  • Bilinguis - Books and audio of the greatest English classics by authors like Sawyer, Carroll and Doyle, as well as some international classics by Kafka and Verne.

  • Lingolibros – Bilingual Books - Enjoy reading and learning Spanish, French, German… and more.

  • Paralleltext - Learn languages by reading - multilingual.

Another advantage of reading bilingual books is that you may practice English pronunciation at the same time.

There are plenty of sources which offer free audiobooks to read and listen.

You can also learn English through stories listening to free audiobooks available with subtitles:

Alice in Wonderland

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

The princess and the pea - children audiobooks


British English Audiobooks


Learn English Visually


Download: Free Visual Cards

Free Visual Cards with English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Watch and Learn Advanced English

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