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Great Book to Learn English Visually

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Learn English Vocabulary fast and effortlessly.

Learn English Visually in an innovative way. Easily and quickly you will learn plenty of new vocabulary, collocations, grammar and speaking phrases.

Buy PDF Book for 5.99 € - Learn English Visually

Learn English Visually is a book that focuses on chunks and mind maps to help you stimulate the brain and make learning as easy as possible.

You will learn like children – the whole expressions and bits of language in context. It also means you do not have to study grammar to speak fluently. Instead, learn chunks and use them in your conversation naturally.

Learn English Visually is a combination of a vocabulary builder, conversational grammar, speaking trainer and exercise book at the same time.

It is perfect for pre-intermediate to advanced students as well for teachers to get inspired and introduce new methods of learning in the classroom.

It is enough that you will focus on one page a day and after two weeks time, you will see better results than after a month course in a school.

This book will inspire and motivate you to learn English.

Inside you will find:

-mind maps



-idioms & phrasal verbs

-confusing words

-pronunciation differences

-speaking phrases

-conversational grammar

-practical exercises

The neuroscience claims that it is easier for us to remember lexical chunks than isolated words. That is why when you come across a new word, try to find some new words that collocate with the new word. In that way, it is much easier to use it effectively in different situations.

What are chunks and what makes them such an effective way to learn a new language?

Start Learning today!!!

Buy English Visually PDF Book for only 5.99

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