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Love it or hate it! HOUSEHOLD CHORES

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Why do so many people hate doing housework?

People find chores unpleasant and they make them feel stressed.

For many stress means procrastinating and putting things off.

It does not mean that a person is lazy or messy. Sometimes it is just lack of satisfaction in what they do and also being unable to focus and do mundane and repetitive tasks.

The top most hated chores

1. Cleaning the oven.

2. Cleaning the fridge.

3. Cleaning the windows, particularly exterior windows.

4. Cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet.

5. Vacuuming, especially the stairs.

6. Defrosting the freezer.

7. Ironing.

8. Dusting.

9. Removing hair from the plug hole.

10. Cleaning the skirting boards.

11. Cleaning behind and underneath furniture.

12. Repairing broken tiles.

13. Polishing silverware and ornaments.

14. Sewing or repairing clothes.

15. Clearing out your wardrobe.

16. Painting a garden fence.

17. Repairing a toilet flush.

18. Clearing out the food cupboard.

19. Organising the garage or garden shed.

20. Mowing the lawn.

Housework can be a mindful and spiritual exercise

Can you imagine that there are some people who indulge in doing housework?

Many find cleaning a house a truly therapeutic task.

Some women claim that while doing the ironing or scrubbing the floors they can quiet the mind and relax.

If housework is done as a mindfulness exercise it can relieve stress and improve concentration. As you have to focus on the act, organize, remain silent, and pay attention to what you’re doing you can enter the state of full attention.

As a result, it will allow you to decrease your brain activity and reduce tension at the same time.

20 most therapeutic household jobs

1.Hanging the washing out to dry

2. Organising kitchen cupboards charity shop

3.Sorting out clothes for the charity shop

4.Organising kitchen cupboards

5. Pairing up socks

6. Jet washing the patio/decking

7. Painting the garden fence

8. Cleaning the car

9. Polishing / dusting

10. Hanging the washing out to dry

11. Sorting through children's old clothes

12. Raking leaves in the garden

13. Ironing shirts

14. Plumping sofa cushions

15. Hedge trimming

16. Edging borders

17. Chopping wood

18. Painting the front door

19. Using a feather duster

20. Ironing bedding

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