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Make money with online business

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

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Money and friendship vocabulary. Intermediate level (B1+)

Listen and complete the sentences. Download.

1. I'm going to be covering one of the weirdest ways to ____________ that I have ever seen.

2. Selling your personal ____________ for cash.

3. I'm not talking about the world's oldest ____________ .

4. Friendship pays, and by pays I mean cold hard American ____________.

5. The website Rentafriend is built around this entire ____________.

6. Creating your ____________ as a professional friend is completely free.

7. People on the site can make anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars an hour just for ____________ with people.

8. You can also get free tickets to concerts, ____________, sporting events.

9. The best thing about this ____________ is that you get to keep 100% of the money you make from your friendship services.

10. The company doesn't make any money on your ____________.

11. They make money from the ____________ people pay to utilize their services.

12. The people who want to be your friend on the site are ____________ since they have to pay the entry fee to message you.

13. ____________ friends make anywhere from eight hundred to two thousand dollars a week.

14. You also have complete control over a client fee ____________.

15. Rent a friend does not dictate your behaviour ____________.

16. As far as your ____________, they don't regulate this either.

17. Be as active or as non-active as you want - there are no negative ____________.

18. Testimonials for Rentafriend seem to ____________ the idea that people from this site will do things that your regular friends won't like.

19. For instance, if you want to go LARPing or skydiving with someone but your regular friends are too ____________ to do so.

20. Your rent a friend doesn't ____________.

21. Some were looking for something other than strictly ____________ friendships.

22. You're most likely going to run into a few of these ____________.

23. You should expect for a few of these ____________ if you get into it full time.

24. Remember ____________ , this side is strictly for people looking for companionship.

25. You will never be ____________ to do anything you don't want to do.

26. This is clearly written on the site and everyone involved should be well ____________ of this.

27. I personally checked out the site and there were ____________ people looking to sell their friendship.

28. In my hometown, a ____________ of a larger metropolitan area, had over a hundred active friends.

29. This means that ____________ is very high.

30. You might want to try to find a certain ____________ to specialize in.

31. All in all, Rentafriend certainly is a ____________ way to make money.

32. It might seem ____________ but there's nothing wrong with being weird.

VOCABULARY - listening - make money, business English

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