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Negotiation Phrases in English


Phrases – Collocations – Idioms

Useful phrases

1. There's just one more little problem with ….. that I'd like to bring up before the meeting is finished.

2. I like…., but I feel there are too many question marks around …..

3. We need to talk about…, so let me start by telling you all what I have in mind.

4. If we don't get the … soon, I'm worried it will set the whole project back.

5. We have arrived at the following number: $200,000. Would be acceptable to you?

6. If you could meet us in the middle at 200k, then we would be glad to sign you.

7. Do you mind if I take a couple of days to consider your offer?

8. The proposal sounded great, but it didn’t live up to our expectations.

9. What specific ideas did you have in mind for me to get you a lower price and remain profitable?

The agenda

§ I think we could begin by outlining…

§ After that we should…

§ Then we'll have….

§ Finally...

§ How does that sound?

§ Would you agree?

§ The main objective/purpose of today's meeting is...

§ Let's just run through the agenda. • As you can see,

§ Can we concentrate on...?

§ May we leave that till later and...

Making Proposals

§ Regarding your proposal, our position is …

§ How do you feel about …?

§ We are interested in… (getting the delivery as soon as possible).

§ We will give you a (10%) discount if… (you buy more than 50 units).

§ We could consider further discounts on the condition that (you place regular orders).

§ We’ll pay for the delivery as long as / provided that / on the condition that ( you agree to pay in advance).

§ If you pay for the insurance, we will give you a discount.

§ How about… (paying 60% on delivery and rest in 30 days)?


§ May we offer an alternative? We propose that …

§ From where we stand, a better solution might be …

§ I was wondering if I could ask you to… (extend the payment date.)

§ I believe the best option would be …

§ How would you feel about …?

§ How flexible would you be on …?

§ What do you need in particular?

§ Could you give us some time to figure this out?

§ What is there in the deal for us?

§ I’m curious exactly how much time are we talking about?


§ I agree with you on that point.

§ If you can do that, I’m on board.

§ Sounds acceptable.

§ I think we can agree to that.

§ I believe we can both agree that this solution is fair.

§ That sounds reasonable.

§ I’m all in favour of that.

§ You’ve got a point there.

§ It seems a fair suggestion.

§ Let’s stick to your idea.

§ Taking... into account, we can now...

§ As you have reduced..., we…

§ Since you have increased..., we can now ...


§ If you look at it from my point of view…

§ I have some reservations about that…

§ From my perspective…

§ Honestly speaking, this is out of the question.

§ I guess, there seems to be a slight misunderstanding.

§ I’m afraid it won’t work for us.

§ Is that your best offer? Honestly, these conditions are unacceptable for us.

§ I’m afraid I had something different in mind.

§ I’m afraid I can’t give you a definite answer now.

§ I’d like some time to consult it with my boss.

§ I can’t make that decision myself.

§ I am afraid that we can’t match that price. But If I were you, I would

§ Despite this offer, we...

§ In spite of this improvement,...

§ Even with this new offer, we...

§ Despite the fact that you have...

§ Although you have changed…


§ Is... your main consideration? • How important is... to you?

§ It is our major priority.

§ It is a second issue.

§ It is not a main consideration.

§ We might like to …

§ Our main concern is …

§ We need … Could you do that?


§ What exactly do you mean by …?

§ I’m not sure I fully understand your point.

§ Could you clarify one point for me?

§ Could you be more specific?

§ When you say we’re expensive, are you referring to the price or the cost?

§ Approximately, what figure did you have in mind for...?


§ If you were prepared to …, we might be able to…

§ We are ready to accept your offer; however, there would be one condition…

§ I’m prepared to compromise, but you should take into consideration one more thing.

§ In return for this, would you be willing to …?

§ I see your point but…

§ If you look at it from my point of view you will understand that…

§ What I may be able to consider is…

§ How flexible can you be on that?

§ Let me see if I can pull some strings and…


§ Provided that you…, then we can agree.

§ We would be willing to… if

§ In exchange for…, would you agree to…?

§ I’m afraid we can only go as low as…

§ From where we stand an acceptable price would be…

§ Our absolute bottom line is …


§ Perhaps we should adjourn to reconsider.

§ Let’s break and come back with some fresh ideas.

§ I think we should both seriously reconsider our positions.


§ Let’s summarize the main points.

§ That covers everything, I suppose.

§ I think you’ve covered everything.

§ Let’s just confirm the details, then.

§ Have I left anything out?

§ It’s a deal!

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