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At The Market or In The Market?

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Business English - Confusing words

Let's practice vocabulary and phrases connected with a very common word MARKET.

Many speakers are puzzled over the difference between the phrases in the market, on the marker or at the market.

As each of them means something different, be careful what you say.

IN THE MARKET FOR - wanting to buy something

THE MARKET - a system of exchange in which prices are determined by the interaction of multiple, competing buyers and sellers

ON THE MARKET - available for sale

AT THE MARKET - the place where you buy things e.g. street market, local market


  • competitive market

  • booming market

  • sluggish market

  • property market

  • stock market

  • domestic market

  • overseas market


1.If the bottom drops out or falls out of the market of a product, people stop buying it.

The bottom has fallen out of the housing market.

2.The labour market

- the people who are looking for work and the jobs available for them to do

Last year, 300,000 people enter the labour market.

3. To play the market

- to speculate on a stock exchange

Would you rather put your money in the bank than play the market.

4. The stock market

- a place where shares in companies are bought and sold

The stock market has been sluggish recently.

5. Market price

- a price that is likely to be paid for something

They're asking £40,000 for their car, but the market price is nearer £35,000.

6. Market cap (capitalization) - the total value of a company's shares on a stock market.

The company has a total market cap of about $3 billion.

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