10-lesson package 

25€ / 60min

No one to hang out with? Rent a friend.

How about things that money can't buy? Is friendship still on the list?

Imagine this, you moved to a new town and you know nobody here. All seem to be daunting and you feel more than a bit lonely. Any social invitation would be a blessing, but your work colleagues are either occupied with their own life or are just strangers to you.

It takes a long time to meet proper like-minded friends, so you decide to rent a friend that matches your own personality. Who knows, maybe this person will turn into a friend in real life?

Weird as it may sound that is happening more and more frequently.

Renting-a-friend business seems to be booming nowadays.

It is widely used by people who feel lonely and crave some company or just someone to hang around or go to the movies. It also seems to be a solution for extra cash or an opportunity to get free tickets or meals.

Would you consider renting a friend or getting paid to be a friend? 

Download exercises to the video.

What is real friendship? And what is real and normal anyway?

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