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Silent Letters in English - rules and examples.

Practice English pronunciation and avoid common mistakes.

Silent B

Rule 1: B is not pronounced after M at the end of a word.

Examples: limb, plumb, numb, crumb, dumb, comb, bomb, thumb, climb, tomb

Rule 2: B is usually not pronounced before T 

Examples: debt, doubt, debtor, doubtful, subtle, subtleness

Silent T

Rule: T is not pronounced in these common words:

butcher, watch, match, Christmas, fasten, listen, often, whistle, thistle, bustle, hasten, soften, rapport, gourmet, ballet, mortgage

Silent S

Rule: S is not pronounced before L in the following words:

debris, island, isle, aisle, islet

Silent K

Rule: K is not pronounced when it comes before N at the beginning of a word.

Examples: knife, knight, knee, know, knob, knot, knock, knowledge, knead

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