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Happy Relationship - What is your attachment style?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

In order to hugely improve our chances of thriving in relationships, identifying which of three types of attachment reflect us mostly can be very significant.

There are three main styles of relating to others according to the Attachment Theory:

- a secure pattern of attachment, whereby love and trust come easily.

- an anxious pattern of attachment, where one longs to be intimate with others but is continuously scared of being let down

-an avoidant pattern of attachment, where it feels much easier to avoid the dangers of intimacy through solitary activities and emotional withdrawal

Watch and check which of three categories do you mainly belong to.

Practice Advanced English Vocabulary about Relationships and Attachment

ill-tempered, propensity, predominantly, abandoned, stand, anxious, reluctant, intimate, freakish, tread, equilibrium, nagging, aggravate, fear-laden, longing, cuddles

1. You should know which of the three attachment categories you _____________ belong to.

2. I don’t worry about being _____________ or about someone getting too close to me.

3. I find that others are _____________ to get as close as I would like.

4. Others want me to be more _____________ than I feel comfortable being.

5. We have an above average _____________ to fall in love with someone from the other damaged side.

6. Thereby we _____________ our insecurities and defences in the process.

7. Recognise how nervous you will be around _____________ and kissing.

8. You are ruining the present by bringing to it _____________ dynamics that don’t belong there.

9. Your partner is being aggressive and _____________ with you for no reason.

10. Look beneath their _____________ and their accusations and believe in their underlying goodwill.

11. When your partner attacks you, see their _____________ for love.

12. Your partner distance isn’t meanness, it’s their way of maintaining _____________.

13. You need to _____________ lightly, and to be a little distant in requesting closeness.

14. The partner isn’t mean or _____________; merely damaged – as are you.

15. If we are either avoidant or _____________, we will need considerable emotional schooling,

16. to get out of scratchy patterns and _____________ a chance of building up a good enough relationship.

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