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No humans on Earth

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Buildings and Environment - English Advanced Vocabulary

What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared?

Watch and learn how the world would look like without us.

Practice English Advanced Vocabulary about Environment and Buildings

multiply , lead, profound, blazes, abandoned, thrive, hogweeds,

erode, drainage, thaw, decay, buckle, gradually

1. Human impact on Earth is __________.

2. Humanity has left a permanent mark on Earth’s geological record.

3. What __________ (happen) if suddenly every human on Earth __________ (disappear)? (second conditional)

4. Some of human creations __________ (backfire) immediately if no one __________ (maintain) them. (first conditional)

5. Oil refineries will produce month-long __________.

6. __________ pumps will flood the tunnels in three days.

7. After the first month, changes will come more __________.

8. Sidewalks __________ will be torn apart by weeds and tree roots.

9. Flooded tunnels will __________ the streets above into urban rivers.

10. Waterways will freeze and __________ cracking concrete foundations.

11. Most skyscrapers will __________ and tumble down.

12. Rural and suburban areas will __________ more slowly.

13. Poisonous giant __________ will overgrow the banks of London Thames River.

14. New plant life will __________ and insects __________ endlessly.

15. The plant cycle will remove the last traces of __________ from Earth’s soil.


(City Vocabulary List, Exercises & Answers)

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