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What is the Internet doing to our brains?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Is possible that with all technical progress the Internet is making us dumb?

We have a quick and easy access to countless information, but what happens to our ability to read and think deeply?

If our brain evolves over centuries, how will it look like in the future?

Will we still be using our long-term memory or maybe most of the information will be processed in the short-memory and the rest we will just google when necessary.

How do we process information nowadays has changed significantly. We are excelling at scanning and skimming, but we are getting worse at concentrating and contemplating.

How about reflection on what we have learnt or read? We lose the capability of creating our own opinions, and instead, we just put together scattered bits of information.

Is there a solution how not to become an internet monkey? Watch and learn more.

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